A Retrosynthetic Life is a blog intended to give me space to discuss, pass opinion on, and share anything I find interesting.  My main interests are education and science, though nothing is out of bounds.  My intention is that the blog is inclusive and accessible, and not just for scientists in HE.  If you feel this is proving not to be the case, let me know.

I also (used to) blog about synthetic organic chemistry at the Mega Chemist Challenge.

A few points:

Opinions will obviously sneak in from time to time, but please remember, these are my own and in no way represent any organisations or people I am associated with.

I am quite error prone, primarily due to to late night writing, so please (politely) point out mistakes/typos/grammatical faux pas (what is the plural of faux pas? faux pass, faux passes, or quite simply faux pas).

Feel free to link to, talk about, share the site.

This site is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 License


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