Despite a general hiatus from blogging, the worthy celebration that is the #BRSMblogparty  organised by @JessTheChemist of The Organic Solution and @AzaPrins, made a post essential. @BRSM_blog (the blog is here) is imminently heading to the USA, and hence a kindly goodbye from these fair shores is due.

I have taken a few liberties with @JessTheChemist’s template…..

1. What are your messages for BRSM?

  • Please keep writing if you can, even with the pressures of an (American) postdoc.
  • Changing your spelling to accommodate your colleagues is not permitted.
  • Take joy every single day in the knowledge that you don’t have to write a thesis.


2. What are the postdoc survival tips you would give to BRSM?

  • Find good restaurants as fast as you can – you won’t have time to cook.
  • Quickly identify the most helpful/knowledgable PhD students and be as nice to them as possible – these guys can make your start so much more painless (thanks Christian, Daniel, Nadine).
  • Have one day off a week – a whole day. Even if you just use it for sleeping.

3. Survival tips for living in the US?

  • Do not eat mac and cheese as a side to fried chicken and fries, and wash it down with a forty. If you have never had it before, heartburn in the middle of the night can initiate a certain degree of panic.
  • Prepare yourself in advance for the cost a mobile phone contract. It is scary (so I have been told).
  • Get a VPN client – you will miss the BBC, I promise.

4. What would you like to see on BRSM blog in the future?

  • The secrets to a balanced life as a postdoc.
  • The most important/fun things you learn that you didn’t already know.
  • What do you think the future of synthesis will look like?

5. Anything else?

Good Bye and Good Luck BRSM




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