…and I’m back

So this is it, the time has come to get back into the blogging world. I was recently asked to undertake a bit of writing as a blogger, so I thought it a little unreasonable to continue my sabbatical from my own blog and still claim my place as part of the science blogging community.

Since my last period of regular blogging a lot has happened:  I have graduated with a PhD in Organic Chemistry; I have left the glorious city of Manchester that had become my home, for the Glorius town of Muenster in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region of Germany – you should visit, it is beautiful; I have begun my first professional job as a post-doctoral research assistant (for those who worry about this kind of thing, fear not, I am paid via a fellowship, and thus am still yet to contribute to the tax man significantly in any country); I have even climbed a mountain in Wales, been cycling in the Yorkshire countryside, taken a trip to the beach, had a drunken eve in Birmingham and watched the (amazing) Olympics in Hyde Park. So although I was sorry the blogging dwindled some what, the sacrifice was worth it.

Proof that chemists do have time to climb mountains.

The plan is to pick up where I left off, with general musings on science, education etc., but with one significant change…..without the Mega Chemist Challenge.  But fear not, the MCC is not over, it has just moved to a new dedicated home here.  The reason for this is simple: when I began blogging the idea was engage those not only with an interest in science already, but also those without.   I feel that being faced with a screen of organic synthetic chemistry, unless you are an organic chemist of course, is unlikely to inspire you to return, and thus was counterproductive to my initial goal. As a consequence the Mega Chemist Challenge will continue not here at A Retrosynthetic Life, but over at www. megachemistchallenge.wordpress.com.  So, if synthetic chemistry is your thing, check out its new home, add it to your reader/bookmarks, and spread the word.  Do you know who this weeks Mega Chemist is?

So, back to the slightly reformatted – aesthetically, as well as with respect to content – A Retrosynthetic Life.  I will start to blog again weekly (I hope), about anything that peaks my interest, but as you would imagine, science and education are pretty high on my list.  In return for the grand enjoyment I hope you will get from the blog, I would like to ask a favour of those in the UK (and to some degree the USA).  As I now reside in Germany and my access to the news and UK newspapers is somewhat restricted (I know I have the internet, but still), I would love it if you would send me links to things you think I may find interesting.  You can do this via twitter @karldcollins, the blogs facebook page, or you can find me soon on google+.

Much appreciated, and welcome back.

(Dr) Karl


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