A Love(ly) Message

My viva is impending so this is not a full return to A Retrosynthetic Life, but I had to post this.

A few weeks ago I struggled to write a biography for Donald J. Peterson who had been featured on the Mega Chemist Challenge. It turned out he had spent his entire career working in an industry and as a result, all that I could find was a facebook page with only a little information.

It hadn’t really crossed my mind since I posted the solution, but then yesterday I received an email with three comments on the solution for that week, all from Alyce H. Peterson. Alyce is Donald Peterson’s wife and was responsible for setting up the facebook page – “much to [her] husband’s consternation” – to celebrate his achievements. Her last message  was really heartfelt and along with her post on facebook I wanted to repost it:

Hello, again. Much to my husband’s consternation, but believing he should have recognition for his outstanding work in Chemistry, I was the one who set up the Facebook page, “D.J.Peterson,PhD/the Peterson Olefination Reaction”. My novice attempt does include his educational biography so please feel free to visit there in order to gain any other knowledge of his background.I visit Facebook only a few times a month so had no idea people might be looking to contact him. He just read THESE posts and was amazed at the interest in him. He and I have been married almost 55 years..childhood sweethearts. He is a TERRIFIC guy, soft spoken, incredible sense of humor and very much up to date on current news. Thanks, Karl!

What I love the most is that she found the page searching for the “Peterson Olefination”. I don’t know if Alyce is a chemist or not, but either way, that really is love.


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