How to do a Radio Interview

It has taken me a while to get this up for a couple of reasons. Mainly it was that I am easily distracted, and after I discovered I could not put it on youtube without an image, I put off searching for alternatives. Secondly, it did not quite go as I hoped and I was a bit annoyed with myself – maybe unfairly – but you can judge for yourselves.  Anyway, by putting it off a little the annoyance has abated, and having discovered soundcloud, it is now available for all to listen.

To be honest it was not terrible, but it certainly was not what I was expecting. In reality it was never going to go to plan completely, because secretly I was planning to change the reputation of chemistry worldwide in four minutes on local radio. I had as you can see, set myself a very big challenge, but what the hell; I am a firm believer in aiming high!

My plans for a discussion on chemistry and society were out the window as soon as I arrived: the format was chemistry vs physics, which is COOLER? This is not a discussion I would typically validate because it does not not often lead to a positive outcome, but when you are faced with Andy Crane (of the broom cupboard fame) and 4 minutes to change the image of chemistry, you have to go for it.

After the Rocky theme tune introduction the gauntlet was laid down:

Why is chemistry cool?

A little bit of panic set in as I tried to validate the position of chemistry in the world, tried to put in a couple of little anecdotes, and basically not sound like a fool. It was okay, but if I had had just a touch of media training, or, had I done an internship in the House of Commons, it would have been better; I should have known to just ignore the actual question, and answer the question I wanted – that is how you do a radio interview! Anyway, as they say, que sera sera.

Click here for the interview.


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