Week 9 Clues Mega Chemist Challenge

This weeks Mega Chemist has proved quite difficult to research. Apart from a facebook page with limited biographical information, there is not much to go on.  Based on a scifinder search, I think he may have taken the grand leap into industry after an early career as an academic. Apart from a paper in the Journal of Radiation Curing in 1986, which I can not even be sure was his, we have to go back to 1974 for an article on electrophilically induced cyclodestannylation reactions. Apart from this, it is basically patents all the way. This has proved a painfully unsuccessful search, so should you recognise this weeks Mega Chemist, please get in touch if you can point me in the direction his career has taken.

Here is the rest of the information I have scraped together:

He obtained his PhD from Iowa State University 1960, and six years later went on to report the ******* reaction. The ******* reaction results in the formation of the arguably the most useful and ubiquitous functional group know to all, through (traditionally) reaction of alpha-silyl carbanions and aldehydes or ketones. If you can’t nail the answer from that gargantuan clue and you are an organic chemist, I suggest a month of solitary confinement with a named reaction textbook.

This weeks Mega Chemist has lectured at Northern Illinois University and at MIT as a guest lecturer and was the Cincinnati Chemist of the Year in 1989.



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