Elsevier Time Delay

I am not sure this is needed but everyone else seems to do it and I wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun, so here is my ‘declaration of interest’: Elsevier via the Reaxys PhD Prize (a great opportunity for chemistry postgrads worldwide) gave me a not unsubstantial amount of money to attend a conference in Thailand, and I currently test and consult on new chemistry software (some of which is very cool) for which I have received a much less substantial, but still much appreciated Amazon voucher.

Now that is out the way, have a look at this and take note of the accepted date and the available online date:

To be clear I do not read journals in mathematics, but found it doing the rounds of Facebook. Considering the building Elsevier boycott, and after reading @FakeElseviers post yesterday on the responsibility of publishers I thought it was interesting enough to share.

As those in academia know, science is a little bit of a race, either against yourself or others. You want to discover things quickly and tell people about them even quicker.  More papers, means more money, which means more research. For me, the key role of the publisher is this process is to disseminate your paper as rapidly as possible once they have accepted it for publication. Here Elsevier have clearly failed!


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