Build Your Own Periodic Table

As I have managed to sneak my way on to the radio tonight (in about ten minutes if this scheduled correctly) , I have spent the last couple of weeks thinking a lot more about the image of chemistry and how to make it more accessible.  I have been marauding around the internet, hassling the online community with endless requests, and chatting to my friends (definition: people who exist in my life in three dimensions) in search of articles and videos that I can turn into blogs to demonstrate why chemistry is amazing and achieve this somewhat ambitious goal.

I have generated a nice little stash of ideas which is wonderful, but it turns out I blog far too slowly. Heed this bloggers: if you find something great, blog quickly and with no fear!  Chances are if you find something amazing to post, someone else, or primarily one person (you know who you are Derek Lowe) will have found it, written about it, and quite  frankly do a better job than you would have anyway.

Despite that being the case, I really love this so I am going to put the video up anyway.  Please though, do go and check out Derek Lowe’s blog In the Pipeline.  He is a US based medicinal chemist and a prolific blogger.  He has been in the game for over 10 years, and writes about everything from cookies to drugs.



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