A Plug and a Thank You


I just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody that has sent me their opinion and ideas as to why chemistry is so brilliant, and why it is so important to society. I have amassed all of the information within my brain and it seems to resemble a metaphorical electron cloud. Hopefully the probability of finding the right information at the right time is high enough to help me out tonight, though I have a nagging feeling that Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle may yet play a role! [A great little historical piece on the uncertainty principle]

Special thanks to Stuart Cantrill (@stuartcantrill) over at Nature Chemistry for all his support and retweets.  They make a huge difference. Also, to BBC journalist Sarah Cruddas (@sarahcruddas) who is giving chemistry a chance on the radio tonight.

So, for the final plug: Listen tonight to BBC Manchester 95.1 FM for a discussion on why chemistry is so important to society (and so amazing), yet it has such a bad public image.

Click here for a link to live online listening at approximately 5:30 pm tonight.


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