25 (ish) things that make chemistry amazing

After my call out for suggestions as to why chemistry was so amazing I had a whole host of people get back to me via twitter and through comments, so thank you to you all.  One really stuck out though, so I thought it deserved reposting all on its own.  The last couple really bring home the almost magical nature of chemistry. I love it!

Thank you very much Jeraime.

chemistry is……

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Buy t-shirt from Zazzle.co.uk

the smell and get up and go of freshly brewed coffee
the soap that gets us clean
the toothpaste and mouthwash that freshens our breath
the rouge on your lips, your finger nails and your eyes
the colour in our clothes
the OLED’s in our smart phone, tv and computer screens
the fuel in our transport
the paint on our walls
the pill i take for my headache
the pill that brought in the sexual revolution
my asthma inhaler
the cancer drugs that saves so many lives
the glass, steel and concrete that built our cities
lower emission vehicles
the silicon chip
the aluminium in our planes
carbon fibre, kevlar, nanotubes, buckyballs
the lead in your pencil or ink for that matter
the low calorie sweetener in your tea
the dutch courage in your wine, beer or cocktail
the superhuman strength you posses when in danger
the stink in your fart. who did that? if you smelt it you dealt it
the drugs that prevent rejection after organ transplantation
the fuel for the sun that warms our faces (hopefully sometime soon given the weather so far)
the A, T, G, C of DNA

chemistry is life itself


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