Week 5 Clues Mega Chemist Challenge

So as you may have guessed, this weeks photo is not current.  Obviously getting this wrong could land me in a whole pile of trouble, but I estimate the photo to have been taken nearly forty years ago.  It might also help if you can imagine this weeks mega chemist without that magnificent beard.

An absence of a group website makes finding out biographical information a little more difficult, so i will just have to go with what I know.  After completing his PhD with Ian Fleming at Cambridge on stereochemical aspects of halocyclopropanes he moved to Oxford for his post-doctoral studies.  After academic positions at Kings and Oxford he then took up a professorial position at his current institution, where until recently taking sabbatical he was head of organic chemistry.

Tin and silicon have featured heavily throughout his career, and his work on the synthesis of the phomactins and  bryostatins is widely recognised.

Hope this helps.



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