Rest of the World 7 – 1 England

A verbal survey of final year PhD students in synthetic organic chemistry at  the University of Manchester.

[Definition: Post doc – the position between a PhD student and a lecturer on the academic career pathway.]


What will you do next?


3 people – Post doc. Location: Germany

1 person – Post doc. Location: Canada


3 people- Post doc. Location: Outside the UK

1 person – Teaching. Location: UK

1 person – Science writing Location: UK

This is obviously a tiny survey population and no conclusions can be drawn, but I wonder if it is indicative of the future of synthetic organic chemistry (or even science) in the UK?

Of those intending to remain in research, is it surprising that nobody intends to look for, or has a job in the chemical industry? And does the general lack of intention to continue careers in UK based academic institution reflect the lack of opportunities?

I would like to know what the reality of where and what people do on completion of  their PhD, and if trends are changing in the current economic meltdown/slash and hope approach to science funding in the UK.

It would be interesting to know if the data on where people go and what they do after a PhD is available for public consumption, please get in touch if you know where I can access this.

I might even make a graph!


5 thoughts on “Rest of the World 7 – 1 England

  1. I am organic chemistry postdoc-ing in the UK (year contract) but have plans to head to Germany for second post-doc. Two others in my Phd year are also post-docing in organic chemistry in the UK also, so all is not bleak.

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