Week 3 Clues Mega Chemist Challenge #MegaCC

So we already have a winner, but if you avoid the comments section you can still try and guess who this weeks rising star is.  Being a rising star, biographical information is rather limited, but if you know your total syntheses better than faces this should be no problem.

I obtained my PhD in 2006 at Yale University under the supervision of Prof. John Wood publishing three papers on approaches to, and the total synthesis of welwitindolinone A isonitrile – with a combined total of 142 citations to date. I moved as an NIH fellow to the group of Prof. Eric Jacobsen at Harvard before taking up my current position as an assistant professor.  Since commencing my independent research career  I have completed a number of total syntheses including the first total synthesis of (–)-maoecrystal Z, and more recently that of (-)-acetylaranotin.

Answers on a postcard.


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