Things I have learned (learnt).

My subconscious brain has associated in a manner that was outside the realm of my personal control two aspects of my life that should not be linked.  Writing my thesis and holidays.  This has led to a pleasant week with a few late mornings, a general apathy towards my data, and an increase in social activities more than is appropriate for the first week back after Christmas:  It has not resulted in hard work and panic driven productivity as is required to complete a thesis.   This link was fortunately brutally severed this morning by ‘the fear’. It takes a long time to write 200 pages and by the end of March the available funds for food will have approached zero.

Despite this mornings brutal severance I still feel a great deal of guilt for a less than productive week, so feel I should vindicate the failings of my lazy mind by at least sharing the things I have learned (learnt) this week – then I will start working.

About the English language:

Learned and learnt are both acceptable most of the time (in UK English anyway) . Just be consistent.

Neophyte is my new favourite word. Thanks @CorrineBurns

From my friends:

An owl mug is not an acceptable Christmas gift for your girlfriend of nearly a year.  Especially if there is nothing better than an owl mug inside it.

It is possible to cycle 50 miles, get run over and still score a wonder goal the next day. Please note Ben Arfa is not my friend.

About the internet:

Dropbox is great, my thesis is permanently backed up online and punted to all the computers I work on by magic. A shared dropbox is also a good idea.

Google Reader is a good way to manage blogs.  Having RSS feeds into your bookmarks menu is not.

About myself:

I still find drinking wine in a bar with a friend is a fulfilling way to spend your Monday afternoon despite having a thesis to write – Sorry David.

It hurts inside when a two-year old only manages a cursory glance and a “no thank you” when asked if he would like to say hello to you.

About Twitter:

I don’t like it. It is addictive. I am still not very good at it. I want more followers.  140 characters never seems to suffice.  I refuse to use it to inform you of my eating habits.

I hate you because you tell me about your eating habits.

About blogging:

I like it as much as writing my thesis. Or maybe more!

If  your blog begins with the letter A, this is a good thing. Thanks to Synthetic Remarks I made it onto a blog roll and was ecstatic not be buried at the bottom.

About Peter Rabbit:

As well as a reading of the story, a commentary on the ethics of stealing carrots and being the only rabbit that gets to wear a coat increases the enjoyment for the story-teller, the child, and casual eavesdroppers.


7 thoughts on “Things I have learned (learnt).

  1. I refuse to ‘Tweet’ as much as I now refuse to update statuses on Facebook or include my location on any post.

    I have no idea what cross-coupling is, I feel so uneducated.

  2. I think you’ll be topping a lot of blog rolls if you keep this up. You’ve just knocked All Things Metathesis off the top of mine, and mine off the top of DrFreddy’s! Remember: you’re lucky to be paid to write up at all; I’m in pretty much the same position as you, except I’ll be in the lab until March then writing up in crushing poverty. But hey, at least I won’t be able to procrastinate.

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