A note for non-chemists

After reading Derek Lowe’s Ten Years of Science Blogging. Already? article yesterday I became worried that the Mega Chemist Challenge may be somewhat off-putting to a wider audience.

For those of you who are unaware Derek Lowe has been writing the blog “In the Pipeline” for ten years, and  in his own words he “may well have been the first science blogger”.  It is true for me, as I am sure it is true for many of you, that ten years ago I was unaware such a thing as a blog even existed. In addition – and yes I know I am preaching to the converted – today a blog is still wrongly considered by many to be something for the ‘younger generation’, or only read by peculiar sorts with niche interests.  Derek Lowe not only betrays this stereotype but has demonstrated the power and utility of accessible science for all, and in addition provides inspiration to those who like myself wish to emulate his achievements.

Thank you Derek Lowe

Anyway, I digress.  The point I would like to make is that Lowe cites one of the reasons for his success as the diversity and the balance of his blog content (from chocolate cake recipes to patents).  So even though the last two weeks have seen a peak in my blogging (and readers – very much appreciated, thank you), it has heavily targeted organic chemists, which is not the overall goal of my blog.  I still intend to fulfill one of my original goals, which is to make science, and in particular chemistry more accessible to all. So fear not, despite the ongoing Mega Chemist Challenge, there will be many blogs between which will hopefully accessible to all, and of interest to at least a few.

Thanks for all your support

updated for a pesky missing apostrophe


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