Week 2 Mega Chemist Challenge #MegaCC

An easier one this week.  If you have seen him or his website you can never forget this contemporary mustachioed great.  Also, I have removed the right-click and save image shortcut to the answer for those of you who were clever enough to find it!

Week one’s Mega Chemist Challenge was a tough start, maybe 4/5 on the #MegaCC meter, so this week I was a little kinder and went for what is essential entry level #Mega CC.  As I previously mentioned this is not a gentleman one forgets, so those of you who did not guess correctly so far have either never seen him speak or you have not ventured to explore his website. As this weeks challenge is quite simply a case of you either know him or you don’t I thought I would vary the clue style a little. This weeks clues are less biographical:


Clue one (a little cryptic): A nationality, a country and an American.


Clue two: If he had his time again he would be a racing car driver.


Clue three: He has a penchant for cross coupling organosilanols.


Good luck



6 thoughts on “Week 2 Mega Chemist Challenge #MegaCC

    • that’s scott denmark. famous for lewis based catalysis. hates using e.e’s when referring to enantiopurity, prefers e.r’s. i had to pour over his papers when doing my phd.

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