Too hot to shop?

Sales fall again at John Lewis chain

John Lewis sent a chill down the high street yesterday, posting another decline in sales for last week, as the unseasonably warm weather continues to hit pre-Christmas trading. The department store chain said its total sales fell by 1.2 per cent to £98.7m for the week ending on Saturday, after a 3.3 per cent fall the previous week. But its latest online sales rose 18 per cent.

Despite quite extensive training in reasoning and logical thought I have to admit defeat in my comprehension of this excerpt from my new daily read, the i. Last year I understood the impact of snow and subzero temperatures on peoples desire to venture outside, never mind in to furore of city center shopping, but the impact of this unseasonable tepid environment on our ingrained consumerism is beyond me.

I am not usually one for conspiracy theories, but could this be a big (government/media) ploy to convince us that we are not really on the edge of a double dip recession, and as such are being accordingly frugal, but really we are all just frightened to go out in our perfectly British weather.


2 thoughts on “Too hot to shop?

  1. When it gets cold, people go out and buy warm clothing. It hasn’t got cold yet, so they haven’t.

    And that’s without second guessing that people may not have started Christmas shopping yet because it still *feels* like October – it doesn’t *feel* like time to start the orgy of consumption just yet.

    • A valid point yes, but not even alluding to the impact of the economic climate on seasonal shopping habits is quite funny. It annoys me nearly as much of the inability of the media to consider the exceptional increase in university applications last year, when comparing it to the decrease in applicants this year. Selection of desirable environmental factors to construct an exciting headline?

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