ATHEISTS ONLY (agnostics can sit on the floor)

Did anyone else find the advertisement for ‘Worships BIGGEST anthems’, which I presume is now available in all good record stores, one of the highlights of last night’s television?  I wouldn’t usually mention it, but as it was nicely slotted into the break of Dawkins‘Faith school menace?’ it made my darker side smile.

Interestingly, it did raise the question of who would be watching the programme; could it actually be well directed advertising?  My hope is that it was, and that many people of a religious background as well as those without, took time to listen to what Dawkins had to say.

I’m sure Dawkins’ will not have convinced any advocates of faith schools that they were in any way misguided, but surely people can not hide from fact that faith schools discriminate against those who do not believe.  I was personally unaware that I would be unable to send my hypothetical child to a faith school, as I am without ‘faith’.  According to Dawkins’ this covers one third of all government funded state primary schools.

The absurdity of this is readily apparent, and the situation needs to be addressed. Just image the uproar from a local community if they walked past their nearest school and saw above the gate ATHEISTS ONLY (agnostics can sit on the floor). I have to say though, I’d probably just laugh out loud!


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