Just how god damn dry do your hands really need to be?

At work today we had beautiful hand dryers installed in our toilet, and they are brilliant.  They may be cheap imitations of those fancy Dyson instant dryers, but they work a treat nevertheless. Now I am not averse to an upgrade in such an important area of life as hand drying, it’s just that in these frugal times you might think that the University of Manchester (U of M) might choose to spend its money on slightly more important things.

I have to say, the hand dryers themselves are not a major personal gripe (and the installation may in fact have been warranted), but they do represent an apparent willingness of the U of M to spend money on cosmetics and niceties, as opposed to building up the university through core development of teaching and research.

7 million pounds was recently spent transforming the on campus John Rylands library, and very nice it is yes, but useful and worthwhile?  Not according to a survey conducted by the university’s Student Direct newspaper.  Do the ‘managers’ of our institute truly believe that potential students, of whom the university aims to attract those of the highest calibre, will be taken in by the glitz and the glamour of fancy buildings and hand dryers in light of continually damning student satisfaction surveys?

Now, don’t assume I am not proud to be a member of the U of M, I really am, and I truly believe in its goal to progress as an institution both in terms of research and education. I just think maybe they are missing what really is important.

Now although this is a general condemnation, the roots of it are in the absence of an important piece of kit from my department for a number of months due to lack of funds…………

…………..but what the hell.  My hands are really really dry!


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